The Ski Bum’s Consignment/Swap Sale

The Ski Bum's Consignment/Swap SaleThe Ski Bum is giving skiers and snowboarders of all ages, who are looking for equipment or who want to sell their equipment, the chance to save a buck or make a buck during our Mid-October Consignment/Swap Sale.  Beginning October 12th and running until October 21st, both buyers and sellers are welcome to take part in our in-store Winter Sale.

Need to sell your Ski or Snowboard gear? Bring your equipment to sell on consignment.  As a seller, you have the option of receiving cash (70% of profits) or an in-store Ski Bum credit (100% credit) with the sale of your items.  Be advised that only gently used equipment that is 8 years old or less will be accepted for consignment sale.  The equipment must be in good condition and needs to be modern enough to meet today’s standards and still be in demand. Anything less will simply not sell.

Looking to buy equipment sold on consignment? This is an ideal way to obtain quality top brand name merchandise at a much lower cost than if it were purchased new. While just about any skier or snowboarder can benefit from these sales, those who primarily benefit from consignment shopping are beginner and intermediate skiers/boarders, as well as growing children who require new equipment every season.

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of consignment shopping is the savings. Discounted high-end items make it affordable for you to outfit at a fraction of the cost with durable equipment that helps you stay safe and perform at your best while looking good.  What’s more, consignment shopping creates a winning scenario for all involved.  Those who sell make a profit, the shop makes a profit, and the buyer purchases quality brand name gear at a super price.

As you can see, there are a number of great reasons to take part in the Ski Bum Consignment/Swap Sale.  Find out more by calling the Newark store at 302-454-9829. We hope to see you there!

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